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About Coach Shaquan

Transforming Your Life Through Coaching

Coach Shaquan understands the struggle of portraying a perfect image to others while feeling unfulfilled and unhappy inside. She went through her own journey of financial struggles, marital issues, insecurity, and an unfulfilling job. Her goal is to help you be honest with yourself about the areas of your life that need change and take action. She asks simple but powerful questions to build self-awareness and accountability so you can prioritize your needs. Her own story of taking a leap of faith to become a certified life coach inspires hope. Coach Shaquan is passionate about helping you transform negative thought patterns and create the fulfilling life and relationships you deserve.


After 8 years in an unhappy marriage, Coach Shaquan realized she and her husband were emotionally detached despite good communication. Finances were strained, intimacy declined, and laughter was rare. Personally, she felt ashamed of her weight, overwhelmed as a new mom, and stressed at a job she disliked. She often regretted choices and blamed her husband.


When Coach Shaquan discovered life coaching, she knew she’d found her calling. Still, it took a full year before she worked up the courage to invest in coach training she couldn’t afford. Walking away from her career of 13 years was terrifying but freeing. Now, Coach Shaquan lives her purpose. She wants to inspire others with her story of self-awareness and transformation. Each day she prays to help people move closer to God by being her authentic self. Coach Shaquan finds joy in guiding people to live the fulfilling lives and relationships they deserve.

Coaching Design For Your Needs

Partner With A Coach Who Cares

1:1 Private Coaching

Breakthrough Your BS
  • 8 Coaching Sessions
  • Energy Assessment
  • Personalized Energy Chart
  • PRT Coaching Worksheets
  • Self-Guided Challenges
  • Goal Setting Plans
  • Accountability Check-ins
  • Email Support

Couples Coaching

Marriage Mindset
  • 4 Group Sessions
  • 8 Individual Sessions
  • 2 Energy Assessments
  • 2 Personalized Energy Charts
  • 2 PRT Coaching Workbooks
  • Self-Guided Challenges
  • Goal Setting Plans
  • Accountability Check-ins
  • Email & Text Support

Group Coaching

Virtual Coaching
  • Cocktails & Conversations (Wives, Women, Couples)
  • The EnerVision Experience (Vision Board)
  • Marriage Mindset (Couples Only)

Transformational Speaking

Let Coach Shaquan Inspire Your Audience

Looking for an engaging speaker for your next event? Look no further!


Coach Shaquan is a powerhouse who captivates audiences with her witty wisdom, expertise, and down-to-Earth approach to living your best life. She connects through authentic stories and actionable advice that inspire audiences to create positive change. Book her transformational keynote to empower your group through a speaking style that is warm, witty, and wise. Her words spark self-discovery and growth by equipping people to choose fulfilling relationships and live purposefully.

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Are You Stuck in Your BS?

What you think, how you feel, and what you do might be holding you back from the life and relationships you truly want. 


Let’s get clear on your belief systems – the BS that has you stuck in patterns of thinking and acting that prevent peace, happiness and fulfillment. 


Check Your BS® is a transformational process designed to help you challenge your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors so you can show up as your best self and create the life you desire. This is a judgment-free space to assess your way of thinking and gain insights to propel your personal growth and relationships.

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