3 big reasons why SEO is important for your business

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3 big reasons why SEO is important for your business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most misunderstood and under appreciated features of the digital world. It’s no longer just about optimizing websites for websites; the old school definition of SEO has it as ‘exploiting’ or ‘elevating’ certain search engines to increase traffic to your site. Well, as it pertains to online marketing, it isn’t actually that different than any other feature you might have in your digital marketing arsenal. Businesses need to understand this more than ever before so as not to be penalized on purpose or wrongly referred to as ‘pushers’ who don’t have anything better to do than SEO.


What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of optimizing a website or social media feed for maximum return on investment. It is the process of increasing the visibility and impact of a website or social media account through optimization of keywords, authority sites, and additional content. SEO is different from other forms of digital marketing, in that it’s not just about optimizing your website, but also your social media posts, your blog posts and your digital advertising.


Why is SEO Important?

As search engine optimization has become more popular, so have its benefits. SEO is a vital component of any digital marketing strategy, as it increases the likelihood of getting good search engine results. SEO provides a great deal of value in that it increases the visibility and visibility of your business online. SEO converts potential customers, from potential customers to customers, and eventually leads and sales.


How to Achieve SEO Success

The first thing you have to understand about SEO is that it is not something you learn by rote. Rather it is a process you go through over time as your business grows. It is a process that, for many businesses, will take years to complete. If you are not doing anything with it, it will likely remain as a complex and under appreciated feature in your digital marketing system.


Best practices for SEO in Business to Business Marketing

A great deal of SEO problems stem from the fact that many businesses have a good plan, but aren’t able to execute it. The best practices for SEO in B2B marketing can help you get there. 

Keyword research – The foundation of any SEO strategy. You should be researching keywords and phrases that will increase your site’s exposure and ranking in search results. Begin by making a list of the most relevant keywords for your business. This will ensure that you get the most exposure from search results, and will also ensure that you aren’t sending too many separate emails with the same topic. 

Optimize your content – Your content is the single most important part of your digital marketing strategy. Make sure that you are optimizing your content for the ideal audience, and not the wrong one. The wrong content could lead to negative outcomes, like people who think you are spamming them. Make sure that you are optimizing your content to improve the experience of reading it, and not the experience of purchasing it.



The digital marketing landscape has changed and evolved so much in the past few years that most people don’t know where to start. The Internet has been full of great ideas and content, so many examples to choose from! So how do you go about your SEO-based digital marketing strategy? Here are five SEO best practices for B2B marketing that will help you succeed. 

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