We provide online solutions that deliver real results

At Sienna Creative, our goal is to give our clients concrete and sustainable results. We understand the value of taking your web presence to the next level which is why our team is so passionate about it. Our commitment and passion lies in increasing web traffic, bolstering your online presence, and driving leads so you can unlock the greatest potential of your business.

Sienna Creative is a digital marketing agency that was born in the summer of 2020 amidst an unimaginable world crisis. Our mission is to help increase business’ growth with results-driven web design and SEO.

Even in difficult times, we believe that business should continue to grow and thrive. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service and helping them achieve their desired results. We work with leading digital marketing software, strategies, and platforms to achieve great results for our clients.

At Sienna Creative, our goal is to give our clients concrete and sustainable results. Our commitment and passion lies in increasing web traffic, bolstering your online presence, and driving leads so you can unlock the greatest potential of your business – no matter what the world throws at us.
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Our core values

As a results-oriented team, dedicated to providing real results and putting our best foot forward.

We hold ourselves to a high standard, prioritizing transparency-based marketing.

We are steadfast and committed to see each project through until the end.

We continue to elevate in any situation, will not back down from a challenge.

USN Veteran

VP of Business Development & Sales

David Samuels

David has successfully curated many lead generation campaigns that resulted in thousands of inbound phone calls for his clients nationwide which produced millions in revenue for their companies. His list of clients include several top 20 Mortgage companies in the country, Top Automative Companies such as Ferrari and several other industry leaders. His goal is to add value to the clients he serves by identifying gaps in their marketing strategy and providing the best, cost effective solution to increase ROI.

David has certainly earned a good reputation as an effective team leader with his genuine commitment to producing results for his clients nationwide. His background in the military has provided him with an impressive level of drive and resilience when it comes to serving his clients. 

Lead Web Designer & SEO Specialist

Alexis Samuels

With a background rooted in over 5 years of freelance experience in the dynamic online world, Alexis possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies and ever-changing nature of the digital marketing landscape. Her expertise has been instrumental in helping clients worldwide elevate their online visibility and achieve their goals.

As a firm believer in the transformative power of digital marketing, Alexis has made it her mission to guide and propel business owners to new heights in the digital space. With a wealth of knowledge in web design and digital marketing strategies, she tirelessly works towards establishing Sienna Creative as the go-to company for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their online presence. Beyond delivering top-notch services, Alexis is fueled by her genuine passion for supporting fellow entrepreneurs on their journeys to success.

What our clients say

Exceeded my expectations

I would highly recommend Sienna Creative services! Alexis was patient, thorough and most of all professional. She dedicated her time and resources to design a website for my company and executed it beautifully. Her knowledge behind the process was enlightening and it provided me with a great head start. The final design of the website exceeded my expectation and I will definitely book another service with her in the future! 10/10
Jeremeel S.

Increase in calls within the first week

I’m extremely glad I went with Sienna Creative!! I had a great experience overall. The whole web design process was laid out clearly and went by super smooth. I now have a beautiful website that I’m excited for people to visit. I’ve even noticed an increase in calls within the first week of the new site up. Thank you!!

Nancy L.

Best business decisions we could have made

I met the Alexis of Sienna Creative Digital at our local Chamber of Commerce mixer where we exchanged information about our business. As fate would have it, we were looking to update our website with a refreshed look and SEO functionality. Deciding to work with this company was one of the best business decisions we could have made. Our new site has everything we asked for and more. Thank you Sienna Creative Digital for your hard work, professionalism & making our business better!!!
Eric M.

I was sold 🙂

I started a new, design-based, business a year ago and built my own website on the Go Daddy platform. I quickly realized that the flexibility and functionality were lacking and knew I needed to have the site rebuilt on a better platform. I posted my needs and found Sienna Creative! On our “interview” call, they gave me some great suggestions on how to think about enhancing my site and also had experience in other areas, like social media marketing, that were appealing. I was sold 🙂 Over the next several weeks they worked to rebuild my site in WordPress, suggested enhancements, and even showed me how to make updates to the site myself. I’m a doer and like being self-sufficient so the fact that I’m walking away from this experience with an awesome new website and the knowledge to make updates myself is a game changer. I highly recommend!!!
Julie S.
-New England