How To Get Solar Leads

Solar Leads
Solar Leads

How To Get Leads For Solar Company

Yes it is true.. Solar leads are the life blood of your business. With that being said, how do you get strangers to do business with you?


At Sienna Creative Digital we know a how to get in-front of these leads and the simple strategies you can deploy to earn their business.


In this “no-fluff, all stuff” guide, we will discuss how to set up and optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP), the benefits of SEO for Solar Company and how having a boring website can hurt your business. 


All of these Solar hacks are free! …meaning we won’t charge you a dime to learn and grow. 


However, if we’ve gained your trust after reading this article, we will gladly help take your Solar Company to the next level with our value add services.. at a cost of course.


With that being said, let’s discuss the 3 ways to earn more leads for your Solar Company…

1. Setting Up Google Business Profile for Solar Company

Setting up your Solar Company Google Business Profile the right way can help you to unlock a cheat code for your business to get more Solar leads. 


If done correctly, a fully optimized Google Business Profile listing can catapult your business to the #1 page on Google when all factors are met.


You can set up a Google Business Profile for your Solar Company yourself with the tips provided below. 


Most clients however prefer to rely on leveraging optimization and set up skills from GBP Listing Experts at Sienna Creative set up their GBP’s for FREE by clicking the link below.

solar gbp

Google Business Profile Solar Company Listing is essential for any local or proximity based mobile detailing business.


Google promotes businesses with a proper listing to effectively attract and inform potential customers searching for “solar company near me” to give them the following information on exactly how they can find and best contact you. 


Optimizing your GBP the right way can help you gain Solar leads easily…

Solar Company Near Me

Here are a few key elements you will want to focus on to attract solar leads:


Complete Description – Provide detailed info about your services, areas you serve, types of installs, what makes you unique. Help customers learn about your business.


Service Areas – Accurately set the regions and locations you serve. This helps connect you with solar leads nearby.


Contact Info – Input your business phone number, email, and address so customers can get in touch.


Include Photos – Add high-quality exterior photos showing your actual work on homes. This builds credibility.


Key Attributes – Categorize your business correctly (solar installation service) and add relevant attributes like “solar energy company”, “roofing contractor”, etc. Strong primary and secondary category selection play and important part in helping your business rank


Solar Company GMB
detailing supplies

Car Cleaning Gel

mobile detailing equipment

2500W Generator

work boots for men

Mens Work Boots

2. SEO for Solar Leads

Ranking high locally and for Solar searches will help drive calls and leads to your Solar Company.



With targeted Solar SEO you can reach a larger audience of strangers who want to do business with you.



But wait, “what the heck is SEO?”  …don’t worry, you are not the first to ask this question, and you most likely won’t be last.



SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting a website to rank higher in search engines like Google for relevant queries. 


This allows your website to be found more easily by searchers looking for related products, services or information online.



Here is an example of SEO below on one of our clients…


Solar Company Leads

Our client experienced an increase in website traffic and jumped several ranks above the competition.


Most business owners prefer to invest in SEO over spending money on Ads to generate Solar leads. This is due to the long-term value of SEO.


Here are the main reasons why Solar owners invest in SEO instead of ads to generate Solar leads:


Higher return on investment – SEO delivers results over a longer period of time. Once your rankings improve, you’ll get continuous traffic without ongoing costs. Paid ads stop working if you stop paying… simple.


Brand building – High SEO rankings reinforce your brand authority and credibility in searches. Paid ads don’t have the same effect in boosting brand recognition and trust.


More organic traffic – SEO traffic converts better because people are searching for your products/services. Paid ads can attract less qualified Solar leads.


Better user experience – SEO focuses on relevance, value and optimized website experience. Paid ads disrupt the user journey.


If you have already created a Solar website and you are not sure how your website stacks up, there is a FREE  assessment tool by Google called Pagespeed Insights. 


Pagespeed Insights allows you to input your URL and receive a report that shows grades for your websites Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO, and more.


If your SEO score is not at least 95%+ you are missing out on valuable web traffic to your website that could generate more Solar leads for your business. 


Google may not rank your Solar website well if you have a poor SEO score.


Here is an example snapshot of improved SEO scores for one of our clients ranking #1 in there local pack…


Sienna Creative Digital knows exactly how to improve these scores for your website to get you more Solar leads.


If you found the Pagespeed Insights report on your website valuable, prepare to unlock even more value with an in-depth FREE SEO Audit when you click the link below

3. Boring Solar Websites Kill Businesses

You might be just starting out in the Solar business and or trying to figure out how best cut costs and invest your money where it counts.


One important thing to consider when trying to attract Solar leads… is your website.


People do business with people they trust. One of the best and easiest ways to earn trust is through your website, as your website is a direct reflection of you! 


Let’s say for example you decided to cut costs and get a cheap website made… your potential clientele that visit your website may get the wrong impression of your business. 


Thoughts like “I can’t trust them..” and “They look shady..” may cross your potential customers mind.


Now that we know going with a cheap Solar website is one of the quickest ways to kill your business, let’s look at some examples and explore the alternatives…


Here is an example of a poorly built Solar website below 

Bad Solar Company

At a first glance.. “Would you do business with this Solar Company?”


If the answer is no, then why would a potential customer trust them either?


First impressions are actually very important and do matter when a potential customer is considering to do business with you. 


Do not take this lightly, as it could cost you dearly! Invest in a website that will establish you to be the respected professional you are. 


Here is an example of a Solar website professionally designed by Sienna Creative to attract Solar leads.

Solar Company Website Builder

This site is built with WordPress. WordPress is a flexible, user-friendly CMS that makes it possible for you to create a professional Solar website without needing extensive coding knowledge or development resources.


5 Benefits of building a website on WordPress to attract Solar leads 


Ease of use – The WordPress dashboard allows you to easily manage and update site content without coding knowledge. It has an intuitive interface.


Customization – WordPress is highly flexible and customizable with thousands of free and paid themes and plugins available. You can achieve almost any design and functionality.


SEO-friendly – WordPress sites are search engine-optimized out of the box with built-in SEO best practices and minimal code bloat. SEO plugins allow further optimization.


Scalability – WordPress seamlessly handles growing traffic and can scale to enterprise-level websites with the right hosting. The platform is built to be highly scalable.


Mobile responsive – Responsive themes make WordPress sites easily viewable on any device. Mobile optimization is built-in for a large portion of themes.


If you are thinking about redesigning your existing Solar website or would like to create a website that isn’t boring to attract Solar leads click on the link below to get started.

** BONUS**

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Our team prompted ChatGPT A.I. to generate a comprehensive guide for business owners interested in effectively growing and scaling their business. 


Are you in that boat? … We sure hope so!


Our goal is to add as much value to you as possible by pairing modern digital marketing solutions with strategies that are currently working to give your Solar Company a boost in the right direction.

Solar Company

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We hope you found this information in this article usefully as you work on gaining Solar leads for your business.

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